Monday, November 8, 2010

Make-A-Thing-A-Week Year begins - Week .5 - Spin Art

I have spent most of my life collecting supplies, skills and instructions/patterns for things to make 'some day'. Some day has arrived. For the next year, I will (I will, I will, I will) make something each week and post it here. I will also look for other, appropriate places to post so that perhaps I might inspire other collectors to become users.

Week one actually began back in late September but due to family issues and a bout of flu, the posting was postponed until now.

The first project was to give my new spin art machine a thorough tryout.

For these images I used alcohol inks.

These two images were ink refills - black and red.

Image on the left was alcohol ink, image on the right was black ink refill and a blob of glitter glue

These 4 images were all alcohol inks.

I also tried acrylic paints and watercolors - without very good resuts.
For the paper I used assorted glossy papers and cardstocks. For a few I used vellum. The effect on those was fairly subtle - the ink didn't fly very far.

Next I want to try dripping runnier colors onto a faster spinning machine - maybe my DH can get it going faster.

It just occurred to me that I didn't make a thing so much as I made more supplies. I must have 50 colorful squares to use up now. This will be week .5 and the real creating begins in earnest THIS week.

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