Sunday, May 1, 2011

Virtual stamp night Mini - Pirates'n'stuff

Friday night was another virtual stamp night mini - I made 5 cards.   Details are in my gallery on the split coast stamper website.  This was a fun one!

The challenge on this one was to use wood.  Scrabble tiles are wood.  That was an 'X' tile too.  The stamps (the road scene and the tiny sailing ship are from Silver Fox Stamps and More!)

The challenge was to use fabric.  Pirate flags are made of fabric.  That map paper is wrapping paper.

This was a layout challenge.  I more or less followed it.  The tiny sailing ship and the Happy Birthday stamp are from Silver Fox Stamps and More.

We were to be inspired by a photo.  I was inspired by the colors.

The challenge for this one was to use orange, green and yellow (parrot colors) and some blue if we can fit it in. The centers of the flowers are blue.  This card was just plain silly. 

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Cath said...

Fun cards, Sue! :)